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Welcome to Gostyń

Gostyń is a vibrant town, where due to respect for our long history we preserve historical monuments and keep memories about the heroes. This respect is also the source of cultural development and reverence for tradition. Our history has become a passion for many people, as well as the source of inspiration for new projects, which – in turn – enrich the knowledge of the past of the town.

Numerous hobbyists and passionate community workers live in the area of Gostyń. Hundreds of people join various associations. Their activities shape their lifestyles. What is more, business activity of the citizens of Gostyń, who are solid investors, supports the development of local economy.

A series of various events organized in Gostyń sets the rhythm of the town. Feasts, picnics, exhibitions, presentations and happenings attract great attention of local people. In this respect the market square has recently become the heart of the town.

Education in Gostyń is possible at every stage of life, from early childhood to late adulthood.

The beauties of nature create a picturesque scenery of the commune. Diversified land forms make favourable conditions for recreation. Rich sports infrastructure, activities of sports clubs and sections, as well as achievements of sportsmen prove the importance of sport in the social life of Gostyń. It was in this town where a famous footballer Andrzej Juskowiak and a racing driver Kuba Giermaziak started their careers.


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Gmina Gostyń, Rynek 2, 63-800 Gostyń
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